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Here are a few fine photos of The Glads. They were taken at some of our rock and roll shows. You should come out to one. It's a lot like these pictures, but there's music playing. Or you might try downloading some of our mp3s and, while they're playing at 120db or so (that's 'really fucking loud' for you non-music geeks), look at this page and close one eye then the other. Repeat. This will give a pretty good representation of our live show.
The Glads pose for a limited edition The Glads trading card picture. Nobody move!
(click for a larger view)

© John Sproull
Recording - October 19 2002
Nathaniel plays crazy-ass lead on "Stuck in a Rut".
"...cos she's a short skirted fashion conscious longhaired girl..."
Twin SG action.
A tall cool one.
Patrick's patented chain o' fuzz. Yeah!

© Rolf Klausner
This picture was taken at a show at Bumper's Roadhouse Tavern in Ottawa. We've played a lot of shows there. I'm not sure when this was taken. Maybe it was the night Patrick's dog died, cause he looks kind of angry.
Shed Sessions - Summer 2001
This is Patrick. From the darkness surrounding him, you can bet he's had a lot of 50 by this point.

© Karen McLane
Here's a picture of The Glads. From the blurryness of the picture, you can tell they're in full "rock out" mode. Or drunk.
Ever wonder what The Glads look like sitting all snug on a couch? Wonder no more..

© John Sproull