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First off, the glads would not be around if it wasn't for the very generous help of John at Birdman Sound. If you're in Ottawa and looking for music, don't bother looking elsewhere. You should also check out his radio show on CKCU 93.1 on Friday mornings...

Our record label Music For Cats Records is run by the lovely Miss Karen McLane. She can hook you up with cool music as well as boss vintage clothing and furniture. No kidding. Karen is cool.

All fancy artwork on this site (and on our ultra-spiffy posters) was done by Darren Merinuk. He's an internationally known Rock n' Roll artist, illustrator and graphic designer. And he seems like the kind of guy that would be a good cook and dancer to boot. He lives in sunny Winnipeg, Manitoba.

We've tried to give credit to individual photographers on the byline of each photo. If you took a photo on our page and we were insensitive enough to not include your name (or just forgot who took it), please let us know.